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Have You Ever Been To The Mara?

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Maybe your local zoo has lions, leopards, zebras or elephants. Maybe they even have a wildebeest. But i bet they don’t have 1.3 million wildebeest—never mind 1.3 million wildebeest in migration, with predators in hot pursuit. It’s one of the most awesome sights in nature, and you can see it at Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Kenya’s flagship conservation area, the Masai Mara National Reserve borders Tanzania’s Serengeti and together they comprise the setting for the famous migration, a dramatic mass movement of wildebeest, gazelle and zebra that is irresistible to wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers. The abundance of child-friendly accommodation makes for great Masai Mara family safaris while exclusive lodges in tucked-away locations are the natural choice for a Masai Mara honeymoon.

So you you want to see wild Africa, then the masai mara is the place to be.

Like my friend John always says Your local zoo doesn’t count. You aint seen wild animals unless you have been to the masai mara.

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