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About Us

Our comprehensive industry insight and strong, stable ownership allows us to again and again
successfully guide clients through a rapidly changing and complex travel landscape.


We guarantee a convenient and hassle free journey.


The key to our success lies in our commitment to be reliable, excellent service and competitive pricing.


We have made our business exceed the travel expectations of every customer

The Brief

Fairway Solutions Tours and Travel Limited is a unique tour company offering affordable holiday packages to the guests. Our safari packages include airport transfers, accommodations, transportation, photographic safaris, and city excursions, all depending on our guests’ interest. The company was founded in 2009, and it is fully owned by local Kenyans and operated by Kenyans, who understand what Mother Nature has gifted the country with and are more than willing to share with their valued guests who have a spirit of adventure, excitement and romance. Our team is composed of well trained and exposed Safari Guides, Office Consultants and Managers. We are based in Nairobi at College House, Koinange Street. We pride ourselves in our friendly, personalized service and professional expertise which are our goals in our operations. Our guest’s needs and interest come first when we are offering our tour packages. Welcome to Kenya (Karibu Kenya), we invite you to take a safari with us. Safari, in our native language of Swahili, means journey. It is not just a journey of the physical space but spirit and the heart. Come with us to the original place of mankind, wildlife, culture and witness the true magic which the country has to offer the magic of the animals and many different species of birds all living on the endless plains in perfect harmony. The magic of the people, everyone has a smile and a wave for you, they have no material good, just their open hearts and the love of their country and families. Roam under the magic of a pure, blue sky, rejuvenate in the magic of our inspirational sunsets, dream under the magic of twinkling stars that are so bright you can almost reach out and touch them. The magic of the predators, see nature in action before your eyes. Welcome to Kenya the country of all wonders and attractions. Dear Traveler, It would be our pleasure to welcome you to Kenya; we are pleased to be your host for this adventure of a lifetime. Journey on this safari will provide you with some of the most memorable moments of your life. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend precious time with you to see our beautiful country with its stunning scenery and wildlife. Here you will get personal attention and service at its best.


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3.6 rating
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